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Starbooker Presents works as your Producer taking all the pressure off of your shoulders.  We begin with the design and idea that you want to create.  If you need star talent we discuss who and what, and get you prices, make educated offers, negotiate contracts, and manage the talent for  you.  We can also provide all production services, event space design, catering, gifts, speaker, meet and greets, any and everything you need so that your star event makes you a star too!


Starbooker Presents has over 30-years of experience in Talent Buying and Booking.  We have access to the top Agents, Managers and Producers in the World.  


No matter who you want for your event's entertainment, we can provide them and work with them from offer through contract negotiation, and necessary service during the event.

Our Artists include the top entertainers in Music, Comedy, Broadway, Illusions, Speakers, Artists, and Dance.

Let us be your Producers!

We can handle your production needs from
DJ to Broadway production.  We work with only the best sound and lighting crews available.
We are also flexible as needed working with IATSE and yellow card productions.  
Our Production Staff will provide all backline needs, special effects, video requirements, and make sure that your event is safe, effective, and per Artist and venue policy standards. 
Production Directors have come to trust Starbooker Presents to provide what is needed on time and with professiional attitude.

let's face it when the party is over and the Talent has left the building, the crowd has gone home it's time to evaluate the event, and it's not always about entertainment is it?

Starbooker Presents understands this and we understand new business development and how our work can help you get there through our talent business, whether it's venue booking, or corporate entertainment, we bring you the stars that will make your evening a success and help win the contracts, seal the deals, and reward the clients.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

"...a really good guy, (a) great friend of CAA,"

Rob Light - Managing Director at Creative Artist Agency speaking about Jeffrey Bowen, President / CEO of Starbooker Presents.  

"In Conversation with Jeffrey Bowen, President, Starbooker Presents - A life of Live Events - Multiple perspectives on the industry from a promoter who has worn many hats."

George Seli - Title of his interview in Facilities & Event Management SuperBook

"Top Dog" Award  Venue Representative of the Year - Given to Jeffrey Bowen by Tour Guide Magazine

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